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A message from the President

President’s Message

This is your Association.   The Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association has listened and learned that its stakeholders highly value the ability to make a positive impact and share an emotional commitment to a mission. With that understanding, The Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association has focused on four elements in crafting its definition of engagement:

  • the people that matter (stakeholders)
  • measurable interaction, within the context of the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association
  • valuable activity that advances the interests and needs of stakeholders
  • valuable activity that advances the interests of the organization, including mission alignment

The process of defining engagement tells the association what truly matters, which then makes things easier to score.

You should proudly say, “I am a member of the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association”, and this is why:

Communications and Public Relations:   Branding will be a main focus this year.  As a member of the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association.  Branding with the use of the association logo on your website, your business card, will become your seal of approval.   It will mean that you are a member of an association that values high ethical practices, community service, charitable contributions, and excels in product knowledge, industry education, to bring the finest customer experience for the largest personal purchase of their life. 

Education: Roundtable discussions, members only with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on originations, and servicing.   Boot Camp – a full day and a half or segmented learning on the manufacturing of a loan file from taking an application to funding and sale.

Single Family Residential: Round table discussions with your peers on current market trends, concerns and remedies on any regulatory changes, technology.

Membership:  Recruiting of new talent to join the association, new ideas, new opportunities, and an ambassadorship program to guide new members to activities, committees, engagement.

Legislative:  A continuation to keep the association involved in what is being brought to law both state and federal.  Supporting our State Legislators, and having a voice on any laws that would have a direct impact on our business.

Best In Business:  An opportunity to honor our peers for exceling in their profession and the impact they make on our industry.  Something to strive for within the association.  As a nominee, it is an honor.

Education Foundation:  The achievement of funds to allocate to students attending our conference as a guest from area colleges and high schools, and the award of scholarships for selected Universities, and colleges for those looking to major in our industry.

Annual Conference:  An opportunity to network with others, take time to visit with vendors in our industry to look at new opportunities for time management, cost effectiveness in production, and/or outlying benefits as a business partner.  Speakers that add value through education, motivation, core industry challenges, or team and leadership.

“Make Your Mark”  as an example of how the Wisconsin Mortgage Association members should feel. Encouraged to be involved and create change.   


Jan Brezina
WMBA President, 2018-2019