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How Can I Help the WMBA Fulfill Its Mission?

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Presidents Message

Happy Mid-Summer to you!  Thanks for taking time from your busy week to read this WMBA News Brief.

I would like to focus this message on three links I would like you to check out and sign up for.  First off, we have recently reopened our Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association LinkedIn site. Please click on the hyperlink and click the “Ask to Join” button in the upper right hand section of the webpage.  Please add the WMBA to your LinkedIn profile to increase our association’s visibility and check back frequently as we will be adding content for our members to this page.

Next, I would like you to visit the page for the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Mortgage Action Alliance.  Inserting ourselves into the political process to make our voice heard on important mortgage related issues is vital to the success of our industry.  This site will alert you to pending legislation and give you the opportunity to simply and easily contact your legislators in an effort to help them understand the issue from a mortgage lending viewpoint.

Lastly, please visit the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association’s webpage. We have added an industry news feed from the mortgage news daily to make easier for you to stay on top of breaking mortgage news.  Of course, this is where you can find and sign up for all upcoming events both statewide and for each chapter and WMBA news.  Past versions of the news brief are archived on our website too.

Increased membership is an important facet of our organization.  The larger we are, the louder our voice will be heard.  To that end, the State Board of Directors unanimously endorsed a revenue sharing plan with our Chapters for all FULL new members (unlimited, regular or associate) brought in to the Association.  One half of the first year of new member dues will be allocated back to the Chapter bringing in that new member. In addition, a $50 bonus will be paid to the individual WMBA member who recruited that new member.

Please participate in all the above links and continue to give me or anyone on the Board of Directors any feedback you have to improve our association or topics for future educational opportunities.

Legislative Update - George Klaetsch

How Can I Help the WMBA Fulfill Its Mission?

As mentioned in previous WMBA Legislative Updates, we have entered the 2016 campaign season.  And regardless if you are an Independent, Republican or Democrat, you all know the importance of participating in the democratic process. 
Being an educated voter is very important to all those participating in the democratic process, but so is engaging your state senators and representatives within your employer/institution’s service territory.  As members of the WMBA, you are the ambassadors of the industry and as constituents you have much closer relationship with your state elected officials. 
Given that relationship, the question I want to ask you this month is:  How can I (as a WMBA member) help the WMBA fulfill its mission AND continue to participate in the democratic process?
While the leadership of the association has been working very hard to deliver value to the general membership, they have also directed me (your lobbyist in Madison) to ensure that membership goals and general business interests are not threatened by the heavy hand of government.  This means keeping Department of Financial Institution regulations reasonable, making sure more of your business income stays with your business and not frivolously given to the government through tax withholdings and expensive fees, providing you with fair and reasonable MLO renewal requirements and fees and ensuring common sense mortgage foreclosure laws are instituted.  These are just a few important pieces to making your business more efficient, profitable and long-lasting.
With that being said, WMBA staff and WMBA Board of Directors can only do so much, and we need capable and committed members like you to participate in a program called the WMBA Political Action Committee (PAC).
For those dedicated WMBA members who have contributed to the WMBA PAC Pledge Campaign earlier this year; THANK YOU!  For those WMBA members who have not contributed to the WMBA PAC, please keep reading and consider contributing today.   
As previously stated, WMBA staff has embarked on a campaign to provide its members with a better understanding of what this WMBA PAC thing is.  To continue this effort, I wanted to provide answers to FAQs in hopes that WMBA members will participate by contributing to the WMBA PAC today!
Q: What is the WMBA PAC?
A: The WMBA PAC stands for WMBA Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal means by which interested individuals with common goals, like a trade association, band together for the purposes of political action.
Q: How does the WMBA PAC do?
A: As a Mortgage Lending professional, WMBA PAC is your PAC. It is the Mortgage Lending industries vehicle for political success. WMBA Member Representative volunteers raise voluntary contributions from other members across the state. These funds are then pooled together and contributed on a nonpartisan basis to candidates for public office who support Mortgage Lending interests.
Q: Why Should the WMBA PAC interest you? 
A: WMBA PAC is a very important business partner to Mortgage Lenders because it means legislative success. Up to 2,000 bills are introduced each session in the state legislature. WMBA PAC helps elect the people who write laws you and your business must live with. Through extensive research and ongoing monitoring, WMBA PAC keeps you informed, involved, and influential in the legislative decisions that are important to you and your business
Q: Does the WMBA PAC buy votes?
A: NO! but it does give us access. Candidates and public officials are honorable people whose votes are not for sale. But, by helping elect public policy decision-makers, WMBA PAC assure Mortgage Lenders the opportunity to present our views and be heard. WMBA PAC fully complies with all state and federal election laws.
Thanks for reading.  With that said, I would be honored to answer further questions you may have as it relates to the WMBA PAC and how you can help the WMBA fulfill its mission.  Or, if you would like to contribute to the WMBA PAC today, please go to the following site and contribute today!
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2nd Annual Best in Business Awards

Celebrate the Best in Business with WMBA! Join your colleagues as we announce the winners of this year’s awards and celebrate the best in the Wisconsin Mortgage Industry.


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2016 WMBA Milwaukee Zoo a la Carte

August 19, 2016
Milwaukee Zoo
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MBA Update

CFPB publishes initial HMDA webinar and additional implementation resources


The Bureau has made available on its website a webinar that provides an overview of the HMDA final rule and addresses institutional and transactional coverage, the data disclosure and submission process, as well as some key dates found in the final rule. Also available, is a HMDA transactional coverage chart that may be used when determining whether a transaction is reportable under HMDA. 

In addition, for your convenience, we have posted to the website a PDF of the sample data collection form from Appendix B of the HMDA final rule. 

You can access the webinar and the additional implementation resources on our dedicated implementation webpage for HMDA at:

Thank you,
CFPB Regulatory Implementation Team
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

About the CFPB

The CFPB is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.
Learn more at consumerfinance.govFacebook logo


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2016 WMBA Milwaukee Zoo a la Carte


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