Northeast Chapter presents:

No Shiny Objects:  Timeless Mortgage Marketing Strategies
presented by:  Karen Deis

Look—it’s a bird–it’s a plane–it’s a bright shiny object!
It seems like every day there’s a new mortgage marketing idea, with everyone telling you about the new ways to get leads, get referrals and retain members. But there are a couple of problems with bright, shiny objects:
  • They make big promises – if you use just this one idea, you’ll be wildly successful.
  • They are distracting unless it’s a “fit” with your current marketing plan.
  • They can cost a lot of money.

However, the basics never fail you!

Karen Deis has had the honor to work with and interview a large number of top mortgage loan officers who do what you do every day. What she has found is that the basics never failed them.  Once they implemented one or two strategies consistently, it became a routine task and they did not let a shiny object distract them from their business goals.

Here's what will be presented:
  • Inexpensive ways to WOW a new customer
  • Inexpensive ways to WOW clients after the closing
  • How to use each strategy as a “stand-alone marketing tool” or use as a “complete marketing system”
  • How to involve real estate agents in consumer marketing The cost involved for each strategy
  • Handouts: Sample letters and scripts
The techniques that Karen will share with you have worked over the years—during the boom times, during and after the mortgage meltdown. They are not rocket science. They are inexpensive. You may think they are boring or not complicated enough. But, if you choose to implement just one or two of her ideas, she guarantees it will make a huge impact with your local real estate agents and your past clients.

Location:     Tundra Lodge
                      865 Lombardi Ave
                     Green Bay, WI

Date:             Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time:             8:30 am – 10:30 am

Cost:             Members:         $15
   Non-members:  $25


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