Riding the AI Wave without Wiping Out

Eirik Rorvig, Eric Townley, and Dan Bertelson from Think In Prompts will walk you through the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and teach you to shift your mindset from a “Google Mindset” to an “AI Mindset”, allowing you to harness the incredible power of AI. By teaching a few simple best practices and demonstrating some practical examples, you'll discover how AI can revolutionize your operations, customer engagements, and decision-making processes. Together, we’ll explore simple yet effective strategies to integrate AI, turning it from a buzzword into a tangible tool for success. For those new to AI or those wanting to explore it deeper. 


Date: February 8th 

Please register by February 7th

Time: 1:45pm - 5:00pm

Location: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

4750 S Biltmore Lane

Madison, WI